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Whose towns are allowed to grow? Demolitions in Idhna and the Baqa’a Valley

by a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams Palestine Demolition in Idhna Last week Christian Peacemaker Team members drove out of Hebron with our Palestinian partner organizations the Land Research Centre and Al-Haq. Our purpose of driving through the rocky hills … Continue reading

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Israeli military and settlers close down Old City of Hebron to Palestinians

    November 15: CPTers gathered expectantly at Bab il-Baladiyya, one of the bustling business areas in Hebron’s Old City. Palestinian shopkeepers greeted passersby, while shouts and chants in Hebrew came from the other side of a metal gate, one … Continue reading

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11 year child detained and arrested in Hebron on the way to school

  HEBRON, Palestine –  On Sunday October 26th at approximately 7:45 a.m., Israeli border police detained and arrested an 11 year old Palestinian boy in the Qitoun area of H2. The Israeli soldier grabbed the young boy by wrapping his hand in … Continue reading

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Home Demolitions in Hebron

While many facts about the kidnapping of three Israeli settlers in early June, remain unclear, specifically to the public, one reality remains clear: Israel will pull no punches in sending a message to the Palestinians. There are some points of … Continue reading

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Israeli army throws stones and arrest two Palestinian policemen

Late at night on Saturday August 2, 2014, Israeli soldiers stationed at a military point threw stones at the Palestinian Municipal Inspectors office (police) and family house in the Old City of Hebron. CPT affiliate observed the incident. According to … Continue reading

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Settlers break into Palestinian shops

On July 30th, 2014 Israelis entered into Palestinian shops with industrial tools, using cutting blades and torches to open the doors, despite the presence of Israeli military security at that time overlooking the shops. Several attempts were made by the … Continue reading

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Israeli Military displaces Palestinian family

The al-Rajabi family from the Jebal Johar neighborhood of Hebron, in the H2 section, had the inside of their home completely destroyed by the Israeli military. On Friday, August 1, 2014, Israeli soldiers occupied the roof top of the al-Rajabi … Continue reading

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It’s not about Hamas. It’s the Illegal Settlements

Operation Brother’s Keeper, as was explained earlier this week, was planned in advance with the cooperation of Israel’s military brass, intelligent services, the politico and the settlement establishment in preparation for Fatah and Hamas taking the initial steps to form … Continue reading

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Hijacking a kidnapping

As the families of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach languish in uncertainty, grieving the alleged kidnapping of their three young boys, the world watches on as their anguish is politically co-opted to provide a veil of destabilization of … Continue reading

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A Palestinian story of resistance: The Abu Haikal family

TEL RUMEIDA, Palestine – With only a sliver of their land left to protect, having their entire lot of land encircled by Israeli settlements, Faryel and Arwa Abu Haikal climbed over a pile of rubble and boulders and stopped the … Continue reading

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