Clashes erupt in Hebron

ImageClashes erupted in Hebron today around 2:00 pm between the Israeli security forces and the Palestinians on the border of H1 and H2 and last until about 7:00 pm.

The Israeli military dispersed the crowds with tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and in some places, there were empty rounds of live ammunition laying on the ground.

Ambulances were shuttled in and out of the H2 area of Hebron, an area out of the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. A causality count was not available at the time of publication.

The violent nature of the Israeli military crowd control measures have the potential to cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With sound grenades causing loud noises, coupled with the aggressive nature of the chemical burns of the tear gas, this can cause crowds of people running down the streets and people get trampled upon, resulting in severe injuries.

Rubber bullets, although categorized as non-lethal, still has a record of causing death, as people have sustained life ending injuries to the head.


About Christian Peacemaker Teams Palestine

CPT Palestine is a faith-based organization that supports Palestinian-led, non-violent grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation.
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