Israeli Forces Invade Palestinian Elementary School

This morning, Tuesday 4 March, approximately 30 Israeli soldiers entered the Qitoun neighborhood from Checkpoints 29 & 209, provoking stone throwing from schoolboys. At one point, half the forces entered a Palestinian schoolyard and began using stun grenades and tear gas on local children and passersby’s. The Palestinian teachers prevented the soldiers from actually entering the school building. Eight Tear Gas canisters were shot in front of the school building and Israeli soldiers detained three boys under the age of 12. The boys were later released because no pictures of them throwing stones were found on the soldier’s cameras. CPT has witnessed increasing aggressive behavior towards schoolchildren during our morning school patrols at Military Checkpoints in the Old City of Hebron. Qitoun neighborhood is home to five schools, including 2 military checkpoints, which violates the Right to Education (Article 28) from the Convention on the Rights of the Child. CPT records the number of students, teachers, and detainments near these checkpoints as children attempt to make their way to school safely. As a protective presence, CPT also documents physical threats, book bag searches, and tear gas use on children. Image Image


About Christian Peacemaker Teams Palestine

CPT Palestine is a faith-based organization that supports Palestinian-led, non-violent grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation.
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  1. says:

    I assume this occurred on 4 March, rather than “4 April”. Paul

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